Explain the difference between $message and $$message.

The main difference between the $message and $$message is given below: $message $$message $message is a regular variable. $$message is a reference variable. It has a fixed name and stores a fixed value. It stores data about the variable. Data stored in $message is fixed. The value of the $$message can change dynamically as the … Read more

Differentiate between variables and constants in PHP

Few difference between variables and constants in PHP are given below Variables Constants The value of a variable can be changed during the execution. The constant value can’t be changed during script execution. Variables require compulsory usage of the $ sign at the start. No dollar sign ($) is required before using a constant. It … Read more

Find Factorial of a number in PHP

Find Factorial of a Number using While Loop Find Factorial of a Number using Recursion in PHP

What is difference between array_merge and array_combine?

array_combine() is used to creates a new array by using the key of one array as keys and using the value of another array as values. Whereas array_merge() merges one or more than one array such that the value of second array appended at the end of the first array.

How to check a key exist in an array

PHP array_key_exists() Function is used to check a key exist or not in an array.

Write a Program to swap two numbers in PHP

Functions available to sort an array in PHP

PHP functions for Sorting Arrays are

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